Doctoral Fellowship Application

Apply for Doctoral

The Progetto funds 6-12 month research stays at MIT for 5-6 Politecnico PhD students every year.

Applications must include:

  1. A one-page description of the student’s research project at MIT.
  2. The name of the MIT faculty who will “host” the student
  3. An indication of the desired length of stay at MIT (one or two semesters)
  4. A letter of recommendation from a Politecnico faculty,
  5. A letter of acceptance from the hosting MIT faculty
  6. The authorization to study abroad by the candidate’s Ph.D. coordinator
  7. A recent Curriculum Vitae that specifies the applicant’s place and date of birth, citizenship and current residence
  8. The student’s graduate and undergraduate academic record
  9. Proof of English Proficiency (TOEFL or similar test)

Please send your complete application in electronic format to the Scuola di Dottorato del Politecnico di Milano,