Rocca Fellows

Roberto Rocca Doctoral Fellows at MIT

Cristina Paul – Mechanical Engineering, 2005-6

Mechanical Engineering, “Lady Fly: new Robot for soli exploration on Mars,” Polimi: Alberto Rovetta, MIT Host: Steven Dubowsky; 2005-6.

Valentina Busini – Chemical Engineering, 2006

Chemical Engineering, “Interaction of Functionalized Surfaces with Biomolecules.” Polimi: Maurizio Masi, MIT Host: Robert Langer; 2006.

Laura RIva – Biomedical Engineering , 2006

Biomedical Engineering “Computation Systems for Neurodegenerative Diseases.” Polimi: Sergio Cerutti; MIT Host, Ernest Fraenkel; 2006.

Juan Camilo Botero Montero – Mechanical Systems Engineering, 2006

Mechanical Systems Engineering, “Dynamics and Control of Mechanical Systems and Mechanical Design.” Polimi: Massimiliano Gobbi; MIT Host: Jean Jacques Slotine; 2006.

Roberto Rusconi – Nuclear Engineering, 2006

Nuclear Engineering, “Optical Window for Nanoparticle Concentration Measurements.” Polimi: Roberto Piazza; MIT Host: Jacopo Buongiorno, 2006.

Luca Dede – Mathematics, 2006

Mathematics, “Advection-diffusion processes related to environmental applications,” Polimi: Alfio Quarteroni. MIT Host: Anthony Patera; 2006.

Andrea Zoia – Nuclear Engineering, 2006-7

Nuclear Engineering, “Anomalous Diffusion,” Polimi: Marzio Marseguerra. MIT Host: Mehran Kardar, 2006-7.

Maria Vittoria Diamanti – Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering, 2007

Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering, “Relationship between a crystallographic structure of a metal surface and its anodizing behavior,” Polimi: Pietro Pedeferri; MIT Host: Christopher Schuh; 2007.

Sara Minisini – Mathematics, 2007

Mathematics, “Computational Modelling of Drug Delivery,” Polimi: Luca Formaggia. MIT Host: Elazer Edelman, 2007.

Maurizio Rondanini – Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering, 2007

Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering, “Multiscale Modelling and Simulation of Micro-fuel Reformers,” Polimi: Carlo Cavallotti. MIT Host: Klavs Jensen, 2007.

Tommaso Borghi – Electrical Engineering, 2008

Electrical Engineering, “Implantable Electrodes and Cortical Recording,” Polimi: Alessandro Spinelli. MIT Host: Emilio Bizzi; 2008.

Marco Carminati – Computer Engineering, 2008

Computer Engineering, “Intrinsic Microfluidic Cell Separation,” Polimi: Advisor: Marco Sampietro. MIT Host: Joel Voldman, 2008.

Davide Carnelli – Biological Engineering, 2008

Biological Engineering, “Nanomechanics of Structural Biological Materials: Integrating Mathematical Modelling and Experimental Testing,” Polimi: Roberto Contro. MIT Host: Christine Ortiz, 2008.

Giovanni Cirmi – Physics, 2008

Physics, “High Energy, Phase-controlled, Few Optical Cycle Light Pulses and Attosecond Pulse Generation,” Polimi: Giulio Cerullo. MIT Host, Franz Kaertner, 2008.

Giuseppe Buscarnera – Geothermical Engineering, 2008

Geothermical Engineering, “Flowslides along Natural Slopes.” Polimi: Roberto Nova MIT Host, Andrew Whittle, 2008.

Alberto Leombruni – Civil Engineering, 2008-9

Civil Engineering, “The microfluidics of biofilm formation in porous media.” Polimi: Marco Mancini. MIT Host, Roman Stocker, 2008-9.

Nicola Pedroni – Nuclear Engineering, 2008-9

Nuclear Engineering, “Simulation methods for uncertainty and sensitivity analysis of physical-mathematical models of safety-critical systems.” Polimi: Enrico Zio. MIT Host, George Apostolakis, 2008-9.

Leonardo Baldasarre – Structural, Seismic and Geographical Engineering, 2009

Structural, Seismic and Geographical Engineering,” Computational Multiscale Fast Solutions for MEMS/NEMS Analysis.” Politmi: Alberto Corigliano. MIT Host : Jacob White, 2009.

Matteo Caffini – Physics, 2009

Physics, “ Functional Infrared Spectroscopy on Human Brain.” Politecnico Advisor: Rinaldo Cubeddu. MIT Host: Elfar Adalsteinsson, 2009.

Natalia Ciceri Duque – Industrial Engineering, 2009

Industrial Engineering, “Sustainable Manufacturing and Product Lifecycle Management.” Polimi: Marco Garetti. MIT Host: Timothy Gutowski, 2009.

Venere Ferraro – Department of Design, 2009

Department of Design, “ Wearable Design for Smart Electronic Textiles,” Polimi: Francesco Trabucco. MIT Host : Hugh Herr, 2009.

Musstanser Tinauli – Department of Design, 2009

Department of Design, “Evaluating the Department of Design,“ Evaluation Trash Track Tag project in NYC,” Polimi: Alberto Colorni. MIT Host: Carlo Ratti, 2009.

Maddalena Binda – EECS, 2009

EECS, “Nanostructured photovoltaic Structures,” Polimi: Marco Sampietro. MIT Host: Vladimir Bulovic, 2009.

Fabrizio Guerrieri – EECS, 2009-10

EECS, “Quantum Imaging using a multi-pixel single-photon counting array,” Polimi: Franco Zappa. MIT Host: Jeffrey Shapiro, 2009-10.

Marta Tunesi – Materials Science, 2009

Materials Science, “Neurophysiological mechanisms of motor skills acquisition,” Polimi: Pietro Luigi Cavallotti. MIT Host: Emilio Bizzi, 2009.

Francesco Piraino – Bioengineering, 2010-11

Bioengineering, ““High-Throughput Analysis Of Cell Response To Chemical Libraries, “Polimi: Alberto Redaelli, MIT Host: Ali Khademhosseini, 2010-11.

Martina Maggio – Computer Science and Automation, 2010

Computer Science and Automation, “Feedback Control of Computing Systems,” Polimi: Alberto Leva, MIT Host: Anant Agarwal, 2010.

Marta Peroni – Biomedical Engineering, 2010

Biomedical Engineering, “Adaptive radiation and proton Therapy: Closing the Loop, Polimi: Guido Baroni, MIT Host: Polina Golland, 2010.

Maria Ida Iacono – Bioengineering, 2010

Bioengineering, Computer Science and Automation, “3D anatomical deformation model of the basal ganglia for deep brain stimulation in Parkinson disease.” Polimi: Gabriella Signorini; MIT Host: Elfar Adalsteinsson, 2010.

Giovanna Bucci – Structural Engineering, 2010

Structural Engineering, “Modeling the evolution of thermal cracks in brittle materials.” Polimi: Anna Pandolfi; MIT Host: Raul Radovitzky, 2010.

Matteo Gazzani – Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2011

Civil and Environmental Engineering, “Extraction of power from fossils with carbon capture,“ Polimi: Ennio Macchi & Emanuela Colombo MIT Host: Ahmed Ghoniem, 2011.

Gael Guedon – Nuclear Engineering, 2011

Nuclear Engineering, ”Numerical investigation of heat and mass ” Polimi: Fabio Inzoli; MIT Host: Jacopo Buongiorno, 2011.

Antonio Iacchetti – 2011

“Hybrid devices for Solar Light Harvesting,” Polimi: Marco Sampietro; MIT Host: Vladimir Bulovic, 2011.

Michele Tartara – EECS-CSAIL, 2011

EECS-CSAIL, “A new programming representation suitable for heterogeneous architectures,” Polimi: Stefano Crespi Reghizzi; MIT Host: Saman Amarasinghe, 2011.

Guido Salvaneschi – EECS, 2011

EECS “Context Adaptive Programming,” Polimi Advisor: Carlo Ghezzi; MIT Host: Barbara Liskov, 2011.

Maria Giulia Preti – Bioengineering, 2011

Bioengineering, ”Exploring the relationship between anatomical and functional brain structure,” Polimi: Giuseppe Baselli; MIT Host: Elfar Adalsteinsson, 2011.

Flavia Libonati – Mechanical Engineering, 2011-2

Mechanical Engineering, “Multiscale approach for damage analysis of composites,” Polimi: Laura Vergani; MIT Host: Markus Buehler, 2011-2.

Giovanni Alli – EECS, 2011

EECS, “Electric Vehicle Integration with a Multi-Organizational Sharing Model of Keyless Mobility,” Polimi: Sergio Savaresi; MIT Host: Carlo Ratti, 2011.

Andrea Ratti – Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing, 2011

Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing, Polimi: Tullio Tolio; MIT Host: Stanley Gershwin, 2011.

Andrea Fanelli – Bioengineering, 2011-2

Bioengineering, ‘Fetal wellbeing ” Polimi: Maria Gabriella Signorini; MIT Host: George Verghese, 2011-2.

Filippo Sironi – EECS, 2012-3

EECS, “Operating System Support for Many-Cores Architectures: from Time-Sharing to Spatial-Sharing Task Scheduling.” Polimi: Marco Santambrogio. MIT Hosts: Anant Agarwal & Frans Kaashoek. 2012-3.

Francesco Onorati – Bioengineering, 2012

Bioengineering, “Study of affective engagement through cardiorespiratory and eye-tracking signals.” Polimi: Luca Mainardi. MIT Host: Emery Brown, 2012.

Mario Sangiorgio – EECS, 2012

EECS, “Analysis and synthesis of complex object interactions.” Polimi: Carlo Ghezzi; MIT Host: Armando Solar-Lezama, 2012.

Monica Vitali – EECS, 2012

EECS, “Resource Allocation in Virtual Machines for Energy Efficient Data Centers and Clouds.” Polimi: Barbara Pernici. MIT Host: Una-May O’Reilly, 2012.

Andrea Gilioli – Mechanical Engineering, 2012

Mechanical Engineering. “Material constitutive laws that can describe ductile fracture in metals.” Polimi: Marco Giglio. MIT Host: Tomasz Wierzbicki, 2012.

Simone Bersini – Bioengineering, 2013

Bioengineering, “Cancer metastasis using advanced microfluidic systems.” Polimi: Gabriele Dubini. MIT Host: Roger D. Kamm, 2013.

Stefano Grillanda – Materials Science and Microphotonics, 2013

Materials Science and Microphotonics, “ Materials and Devices for adaptive integrated Optics.” Polimi: Andrea Melloni. MIT Host: Lionel Kimerling, 2013.

Marco Astolfi – Energy and Nuclear Science, 2013

Energy and Nuclear Science, “Advanced ORC Systems Optimization.” Polimi: Ennio Macchi. MIT Host: Ahmed Ghoniem, 2013.

Atieh Moridi – Mechanical Engineering, 2013

Mechanical Engineering, “Cold Spray Coating Applications for Aeronautical Repairs,” Polimi: Mario Guagliano. MIT Host: Ming Dao, 2013.

Daniele Perego – Materials Science, 2013-4

Materials Science, “All-solid-state thin-film batteries.” Polimi: Silvia Franz. MIT Host Carl V. Thompson, 2013-4.

Danilo Caporale – Electronics and Aero-Astro, 2013

Electronics and Aero-Astro, “Control and Optimization of Systems with an Unknown Matched Disturbance and Distributed Control Applications,” Polimi: Patrizio Colaneri. MIT Host: Emilio Frazzoli, 2013.

Davide Bianchi – Electronics, 2013

Electronics, “The integration of electronic circuits into photonic integrated circuits,” Polimi: Marco Sampietro. MIT Host: Lionel Kimerling, 2013.

Ehsan Mohammadi – Chemistry and Materials Science, 2013

Chemistry and Materials Science, “A fundamental understanding of the relationship between environment, microstructure and stress on precursors to crack initiation,” Polimi: Fabio Bolzoni & Luciano Lazzari. MIT Host: R. G. Ballinger 2013.

Davide Maria Turi – Mechanical Engineering, 2014

Mechanical Engineering, “Innovative applications of selective membranes in Energy plants solid state thin batteries,” Polimi: Ennio Macchi. MIT Host: Ahmed Ghoniem, 2014.

Davide Bartolini – EECS, 2013-4

EECS,,”Shared Microarchitectural Resource Management to Maximize Datacenter Efficiency.” Polimi: Marco Santambrogio. MIT Host: Daniel Sanchez, 2013-4.

Giovanni Azzellino – Electronics and Materials Science, 2014

Electronics and Materials Science, “Inkjet patterning of QD LEDs” Polimi: Marco Sampietro MIT Host: Vladimir Bulovic, 2014.

Giorgia Gobbi – Mechanical Engineering, 2014

Mechanical Engineering, “Hydrogen embrittlement (HE) phenomenon,” Polimi: Laura Vergani, MIT Host:Ju Li, 2014.

Giovanni Stefano Ugolini – Electronics and Bioengineering, 2014

Electronics and Bioengineering, “Biomed Novel Lab on a Chip for recapitulating the cardiac stem cell niche micro-environment,” Polimi: Monica Soncini. MIT Host: Roger Kamm, 2014.

Riccardo Pisoni – Physics Engineering Master Program Alta Scuola Politecnica, 2015-6

Physics Engineering Master Program Alta Scuola Politecnica, Polimi M. Pedeferri, MIT Host: Pablo Jarillo-Herrero. 2015-6.

Lorenzo Baldrati – Materials Science and Engineering, 2015

Materials Science and Engineering, “Spintronic Devices Controlled by Magnetic Ionic Effects.” Polimi: Riccardo Beltracco. MIT Host: Geoffrey Beach, 2015.

Niccolo Calandri – Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 2015

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, “A new superconductor detector deposed on an optical waveguide.” Polimi: Alberto Tosi. MIT Host: Karl Berggren. 2015.

Luca D’Alessandro – Structural mechanics and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 2015

Structural mechanics and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, “A Topological Optimization of Phononic Crystals.” Polimi: Raffaele Ardito. MIT Host: Dana Weinstein, 2015.

Bianca Giovanardi – Mechanical Engineering and Math, 2015

Mechanical Engineering and Math, “Modeling and Simulation of Crack Propagation in Brittle Materials.” Polimi: Anna Scotti & Luca Formaggia MIT Host: Raul Radovitzky, 2015.

Simone Mazzola – Energy and Environment- CEEPR, 2015

Energy and Environment- CEEPR, “The Management and Optimization of Micro-grids for Rural Energy Access.” Polimi: Ennio Macchi; MIT host: Ignacio Perez Arriaga, 2015.

Alberto Speroni – Environmental and Civil Engineering, 2015

Environmental and Civil Engineering, “Developing a Smart Shading System.” Polimi: Tiziana Poli. MIT Host: Carlo Ratti, 2015.

Mirko Gelsomini – Electronics, Informatics and Engineering, 2016

Electronics, Informatics and Engineering, “Reiterated robots -children interactions.” Polimi: Franca Garzotto. MIT Host: Cynthia Breazeal, 2016.

Umberto Capasso Palmiero – Chemistry and Engineering, 2016

Chemistry and Engineering, Integrative Cancer Research Lab, David H. Kocs Institute, “Smart Delivery of SiRNA into Cells.” Polimi: Davide Moscatelli. MIT Host: Daniel G. Anderson, 2016

Javier Martinez Rubio - Nuclear Science and Engineering, 2016-17

Nuclear Science and Engineering “Second generation Turbulence for industrial application.” Polimi: Angelo Onorati; MIT Host: Emilio Baglietto, 2016-17

Roberta Visone - DEIB-Mechanical Engineering, 2017

DEIB-Mechanical Engineering,” A microscale biomimetic platform for 3D vascularized cardiac in vitro model generation.” Polimi: Marco Rasponi. MIT Host: Roger Kamm, 2017

Nicola Contessi - Chemistry, Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2017

Chemistry- Civil and Environmental Engineering, “Scaffold vascularization by 3D printed sacrificial network in adipose tissue regeneration.” Polimi: Silvia Fare’; MIT Host: Benedetto Marelli, 2017

Luca Moretti - Energy Department, 2017

Energy Department, Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research (CEEPR), “Realtime Robust Energy Management System for Multigood Smart Grids.” Polimi: Ennio Macchi. MIT Host: Ignacio Perez Arriaga, 2017

Emanuele Del Sozzo - DEIB-Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 2017

DEIB-Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, “A unified environment for distributed and hardware accelerated Iterative Stencil Loop computations.” Polimi: Marco Domenico Santambrogio, MIT Host: Saman Amarasinghe. 2017

Giancarlo Gentile - 2017

Giancarlo Gentile, Center for Propulsion Research /Reacting Gas Dynamics Lab “CFD simulation to model the thermochemical conversion of biomass.” Polimi: Tiziano Favarelli; MIT Host: Ahmed Ghoniem, 2017

Azzurra Agostini - Chemistry and Engineering, 2017-8

Chemistry and Engineering-David Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer research, “Synthesis of Enteric Delivery System.” Polimi: Davide Moscatelli MIT Host: Robert Langer, 2017-8

Luca Possenti - Industrial Bioengineering-Mechanical Engineering, 2018

Industrial Bioengineering-Mechanical Engineering, “Computational and Experimental Approaches to Renal Disease and Microcirculatory in Vitro Models to Study Microcirculation Alterations in Uremic Patients.“ Polimi: Maria Laura Costantino& Paolo Zunino; MIT Host: Roger Kamm, 2018

Francesca Berti - Biomechanics, 2018

Biomechanics, “Durability prediction of self‐expandable Nickel-Titanium peripheral stents”, Polimi: Francesco Migliavacca; MIT Host: Elazer Edelman, 2018

Emanuele Guglielmi - Electronics, 2019

Electronics, “Electronic circuits for enhancing the performance of photonic sensing devices”, Polimi: Guido Raos; MIT Host: Lionel Kimberling, 2019

Fabio Caltanissetta - Mechanical Engineering, 2019

Mechanical Engineering, “IAM4.0: Novel solutions for Intelligent Additive Manufacturing.” Polimi: Biancamaria Colosimo; MIT Host: John Anastasios Hart, 2019

Ilaria Abdel Aziz - Physics, 2019

Physics, “Optical Modules of Stem Cells Fate.” Polimi: Guglielmo Lanzani; MIT Host: Peter T.C. So, 2019

Emre Calisir Electronics - Bioengineering and Computer Science, 2019

Bioengineering and Computer Science, “Computational Science Methods to Characterize Political Phenomena on Social Networks.” Polimi: Marco Brambilla; MIT Host: Deb K.Roy. 2019

Lorenzo Di Tucci - Electronics and Computer Science, 2019

Electronics and Computer Science, “A DSA for operations on sparse matrices targeting FPGAs.” Polimi: Marco Santambrogio; MIT Host: Saman Amarasinghe, 2019

Martina Mazzarello - Department of Design, 2019

Department of Design, “ “Living the Campus. Spaces and Services fostering interactions in the Community,” Polimi: Luisa Collina & Davide Fassi; MIT Host: Carlo Ratti, 2019

Alessio David - Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering, 2019

Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering, “The mechanical and viscoelastic properties of polymers by Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulation.” Polimi: Guido Raos MIT Host: Markus Buehler, 2019

Francesca Donnaloja - Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering, 2019

Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering ” The contribution of stem cells, nuclear pore complexes (NPC) as stretch-activated channels to the regulation of gene expression,” Polimi: Manuela Raimondi MIT Host: Thomas Schwartz, 2019

Gabriele Scalia - Chemical & Industrial Engineering and Electronics, Computer Science & Bioengineering, 2019

Chemical & Industrial Engineering and Electronics, Computer Science & Bioengineering, “The development of automatic tools for data acquisition, integration, exploration and kinetic model validation,” Polimi: Barbara Pernici; MIT Host: William Green, 2019

Alessandra Accogli - Materials Science, 2019

Materials Science, “the synthesis and characterization of bifunctional carbon-based electrodes for metal-air rechargeable flow battery,” Polimi: Luca Magagnin; MIT: Yang Shao-Horn, 2019

Renato Auriemma - Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, 2019

Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. “Using layer-by-layer (Lbl) nanoplexes to deliver plasmids encoding the shRNA for BCL11a .” Polimi: Davide Moscatelli MIT: Paula Hammond, 2019

Igor Matteo Carraretto - Energy and Nuclear Science Technology, 2019

Energy and Nuclear Science Technology, “Measuring the Rheology of Foams using Custom 3D-Printed Fractal Vanes,” Polimi: Luigi Colombo MIT: Gareth mc Kinley, 2019

Monika Colombo - Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering, 2019

Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering, “Computational models to investigate the effects of paclitaxel when drug-coated balloons are used in peripheral arteries,” Polimi: Francesco Migliavacca MIT: Elazer Edelman, 2019

Simone Gelmini - Automation and Control, 2019

Automation and Control,” Analysis and development of a dynamic model and an adaptive control for low-cost micro-irrigation systems,” Polimi: Sergio Savaresi MIT Amos Winter, 2019

Giulia Grassi - Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering, 2019

Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering, “ The integration of rapid liquid printing and 4D printing and their large scale potential,” Polimi: Ingrid Paoletti& Marco Scaioni MIT: Skylar Tibbits, 2019

Francesca Ratti - Information Technology, 2019

Information Technology, “Improving communication on biological circuits,” Polimi: Maurizio Magarini MIT: Domitilla del Vecchio, 2019

Roberto Rocca Post-Doc Fellows at MIT

Andrea Centrone

“Probing Nanowetting.” MIT: Francesco Stellacci Polimi: Giuseppe Zerbi; 2006.

Marita Canina

“Bio-Design for Earth and Space: Synergism Between Humans and Machines.” MIT: Dava Newman Polimi: Francesco Trabucco; 2006.

Marco Rasponi

“Realization of a bio MEMS device able to perform blood oxygenation directly from the water content of the blood.” MIT: Todd Thorsen; Polimi: Alberto Redaelli; 2007.

Marco Riboldi

“Real Time Tumor Targeting in High Precision Radiation Therapy.” MIT: Jeffrey Coderre; Polimi: Guido Baroni; 2008.

Eugenio Morello

“Raster City: Urban Data collection for Environmental Prediction.” MIT: Carlo Ratti; Polimi: Alessandro Balducci; 2008.

Marco Santambrogio

“Self Aware Computing Systems.” MIT: Anant Agarwal; Polimi Donatella Sciuto; 2009.

Giovanni Cirmi

“Single-cycle pulse synthesis by coherent superposition of ultra-broadband optical parametric amplifiers Self Aware Computing Systems.” MIT: Franz Kaertner, Polimi: Giulio Cerullo; 2009-2010.

Alfonso Gautieri

“Theoretical and experimental multi-scale studies of collagen tissues in the context of Osteogenesis Imperfecta disease.” MIT: Markus Buehler, Polimi: Alberto Redaelli; 2009-2010.

Nasser Sadr

“Bone Tissue Engineering as an Alternative to bone graft.” MIT: Ali Khademhosseini; Polimi: Gianfranco Fiore; 2010.

Riccardo Mereu

“Qualified Numerical Modelling of Boiling and two-phase Transport Phenomena in Energy Applications.” MIT: Jacopo Buongiorno; Polimi: Emanuela Colombo; 2010.

Reza Kavian

“Carbon nanotubes/metal oxides composites electrodes for super-capacitors: Synthesis and characterization oxides enforcing the link between requirements and software behavior through model synthesis.” MIT: Yang Shao-Horn ;Polimi: Luigi Cavallotti 2011.

Andrea Mocci

“Enforcing the link between requirements and software behavior through model synthesis.” MIT: Daniel Jackson; Polimi: Carlo Ghezzi 2011-12.

R. Gelichi

“Continuum and Atomistic Computational Study of En Passant Cracks in Brittle Materials.” MIT :Ken Kamrin; Polimi: Mario Guagliano; 2013.

Francesco Piraino

“New Technology for Testing genomic materials.” MIT: Matthew Hancock, Broad Institute, 2013.

Daniele Dubois

“Self organization strategies for cooperative resources sharing in Mobile Peer-to –Peer Networks.” MIT: Henry Holtzman, Media Lab, 2013.

Sara Bagherifard

“Application of cold spray coating for development of bio-functional surfaces with improved mechanical and biological properties.” MIT: Ali Khademhosseini, HST, 2013-2014.

Seyyed Mostafa Hassani Gangaraj

“From nanostructured powders to bulk nano-crystalline pieces: An attempt to exploit kinetic rather than thermal energy.” Polimi: Mario Guagliano MIT: Christopher Schuh.

Valerio Panzica-La Manna

“Sharing Proximity-Based Computation and Services in Infrastructureless Pervasive Spaces.” Polimi: Luciano Baresi: MIT: Michael Bove.

Mazdak Hashempour Igderi

“Optimization and Implementation of CNTF carpets in capacitive deionization devices.” MIT: Carl V. Thompson and Evelyn Wang, Polimi: Mario Guagliano,Massimiliano Bestetti and Maurizio Masi. 2015-16.

Matteo Seregni

“An Open-source platform for 4D human body surface reconstruction and representation.” MIT: Jeffrey A. Hoffman; Polimi: Guido Baroni, 2016-17.

Valentina Sumini

“Moon exploration habitats using 3-D printed in situ resources.” MIT: Caitlin Mueller; Polimi: Claudio Chiesi. 2016-2017.

Federica Rigoldi

“An integrated computational/experimental route to understanding the binding specificity of scaffolding protein.” MIT: Amy Keating; Polimi: Alfonso Gautieri, 2019.

Roberto Rocca Fellows at POLIMI

Kevin Duda – PhD Candidate, 2006

PhD Candidate, Man-Vehicle Laboratory, hosted by Polimi Antonio Pedotti within his collaboration with MIT Larry Young. 2006.

James Vanzo – BS in Civil Engineering, 2006

BS in Civil Engineering, hosted by Polimi Gianluigi Cedolin to work on finite structure modeling.2006.

Yu Gu – PhD candidate, 2008

PhD candidate, MIT advisor: James Fujimoto. Politecnico Host: Roberto Cerullo. Research Topic “Femtosecond fabrication of Mach-Zehnder interferometers in fused silica.” 2008.

Aleem Siddiqui – EECS PhD candidate, 2008-9

EECS PhD candidate, MIT advisor: Franz Kaertner. Politecnico Host: Roberto Cerullo. Research Topic “Optical Cycle pulsed light source with stabilized carrier envelope phase at 800mm.” 2008-09.

Kevin Farino – BS in Mechanical Engineering, 2010

BS in Mechanical Engineering, hosted by Polimi Alberto Redaelli for research on fluidics applications to biology, 2010.

Charles Gruenwald – PhD Candidate, EECS, 2011

PhD Candidate, EECS, 2011.

Brandon Talamini – PhD candidate in Aero Astro, 2011

PhD candidate in Aero Astro, MIT Advisor: Raul Radovitzky Polimi host: Anna Pandolfi for research on numerical modeling of ductile fractures, 2011.

Christopher Love – PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering, 2011

PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering, 2011.

Malima Wolf – Post-doc, Mech-Eng, 2012-13

Post-doc, Mech-Eng, MIT advisor: Tim Gutowski Polimi Host: Tullio Tolio “Environmental impact of product and material end-of-life treatment.” 2012-13.

James McKinney – BS Materials Science, 2013

BS Materials Science, MIT Advisor Thomas Eagar; Polimi Host: Maurizio Vedani “New energy efficient metal processing techniques” 2013.

Cathy Zhang – BS Chemical, 2014

BS Chemical, ”Engineering Behavior of colloidal suspensions and gels under gravitational stresses Environmental impact of product and material end-of-life treatment.” Polimi Host: Roberto Piazza MIT advisor: Michael Strano, 2014.

Cody Diaz – BS Chemistry, 2016

BS Chemistry, “Synthetizing nanoparticles gfor oil drilling applications,” Polimi Host: Davide Moscatelli, 2016.

Thomas Canova – Grad. Chem., 2016

Grad. Chem., “Colloidal gels, “Polimi Host: Roberto Piazza, 2016.

Victoria Tam – BS Mech Eng., 2017

BS Mech Eng.; “Polipo: a toys for children with neurodevelopmental disorders; Polimi Host: Franca Garzotto, 2017.

Rachel Adenekan – BS mech Eng,, 2017

BS mech Eng, “Mouvement analysis for Motor Rehabilitation”, Polimi Host: Carlo Frigo, 2017.

Jacqueline Liu – U Computer and Materials science, 2017

U Computer and Materials science, dendrimers, molecular structures that could prove useful in drug delivery and gene therapy.Polimi host: Simone Vesentini, 2017.

Renaud Danhaive – Ph.D candidate, Architecture and planning, 2017-8

Ph.D candidate, Architecture and planning, “Computational geometry and structural engineering and its applications to mechanical design and analysis. Polimi Host: Ingrid Paoletti MIT: Caitlin Mueller, 2017-8.

Patrick Callahan – U Chemistry, 2018

U Chemistry, “Lithium-Ion Batteries,”Polimi Host; Tullio Tolio and Maurizio Colledani, 2018.

Anna Tarakanova – GS, Buehler-Libonati Collaboration, 2018

GS, Buehler-Libonati Collaboration, 2018.

Priya Pillai – U Computer Science and Biology, 2018

U Computer Science and Biology, “Diatom Frustule Structure”, Polimi Host: Flavia Libonati, 2018.

Kriti Jain – U EECS, 2018

U EECS, Sensory processing in autism spectrum disorder” Polimi Host: Riccardo Barbieri, 2018.

Shreya Pandit – U EECS

U EECS, Polimi Host: Mirko Gelsomini.

Leanna Galanek – U. Nuclear Science and Engineering

U. Nuclear Science and Engineering, Polimi Host: Stefano Agosteo.

Amelia Seabold – U. Biology

U. Biology, Polimi Host: Riccardo Barbieri.