Rocca Fellows

Roberto Rocca Doctoral Fellows at MIT

Cristina Paul – Mechanical Engineering, 2005-6

Mechanical Engineering, “Lady Fly: new Robot for soli exploration on Mars,” Polimi: Alberto Rovetta, MIT Host: Steven Dubowsky; 2005-6.

Valentina Busini – Chemical Engineering, 2006

Chemical Engineering, “Interaction of Functionalized Surfaces with Biomolecules.” Polimi: Maurizio Masi, MIT Host: Robert Langer; 2006.

Laura RIva – Biomedical Engineering , 2006

Biomedical Engineering “Computation Systems for Neurodegenerative Diseases.” Polimi: Sergio Cerutti; MIT Host, Ernest Fraenkel; 2006.

Juan Camilo Botero Montero – Mechanical Systems Engineering, 2006

Mechanical Systems Engineering, “Dynamics and Control of Mechanical Systems and Mechanical Design.” Polimi: Massimiliano Gobbi; MIT Host: Jean Jacques Slotine; 2006.

Roberto Rusconi – Nuclear Engineering, 2006

Nuclear Engineering, “Optical Window for Nanoparticle Concentration Measurements.” Polimi: Roberto Piazza; MIT Host: Jacopo Buongiorno, 2006.

Luca Dede – Mathematics, 2006

Mathematics, “Advection-diffusion processes related to environmental applications,” Polimi: Alfio Quarteroni. MIT Host: Anthony Patera; 2006.

Andrea Zoia – Nuclear Engineering, 2006-7

Nuclear Engineering, “Anomalous Diffusion,” Polimi: Marzio Marseguerra. MIT Host: Mehran Kardar, 2006-7.

Maria Vittoria Diamanti – Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering, 2007

Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering, “Relationship between a crystallographic structure of a metal surface and its anodizing behavior,” Polimi: Pietro Pedeferri; MIT Host: Christopher Schuh; 2007.

Sara Minisini – Mathematics, 2007

Mathematics, “Computational Modelling of Drug Delivery,” Polimi: Luca Formaggia. MIT Host: Elazer Edelman, 2007.

Maurizio Rondanini – Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering, 2007

Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering, “Multiscale Modelling and Simulation of Micro-fuel Reformers,” Polimi: Carlo Cavallotti. MIT Host: Klavs Jensen, 2007.

Tommaso Borghi – Electrical Engineering, 2008

Electrical Engineering, “Implantable Electrodes and Cortical Recording,” Polimi: Alessandro Spinelli. MIT Host: Emilio Bizzi; 2008.

Marco Carminati – Computer Engineering, 2008

Computer Engineering, “Intrinsic Microfluidic Cell Separation,” Polimi: Advisor: Marco Sampietro. MIT Host: Joel Voldman, 2008.

Davide Carnelli – Biological Engineering, 2008

Biological Engineering, “Nanomechanics of Structural Biological Materials: Integrating Mathematical Modelling and Experimental Testing,” Polimi: Roberto Contro. MIT Host: Christine Ortiz, 2008.

Giovanni Cirmi – Physics, 2008

Physics, “High Energy, Phase-controlled, Few Optical Cycle Light Pulses and Attosecond Pulse Generation,” Polimi: Giulio Cerullo. MIT Host, Franz Kaertner, 2008.

Giuseppe Buscarnera – Geothermical Engineering, 2008

Geothermical Engineering, “Flowslides along Natural Slopes.” Polimi: Roberto Nova MIT Host, Andrew Whittle, 2008.

Alberto Leombruni – Civil Engineering, 2008-9

Civil Engineering, “The microfluidics of biofilm formation in porous media.” Polimi: Marco Mancini. MIT Host, Roman Stocker, 2008-9.

Nicola Pedroni – Nuclear Engineering, 2008-9

Nuclear Engineering, “Simulation methods for uncertainty and sensitivity analysis of physical-mathematical models of safety-critical systems.” Polimi: Enrico Zio. MIT Host, George Apostolakis, 2008-9.

Leonardo Baldasarre – Structural, Seismic and Geographical Engineering, 2009

Structural, Seismic and Geographical Engineering,” Computational Multiscale Fast Solutions for MEMS/NEMS Analysis.” Politmi: Alberto Corigliano. MIT Host : Jacob White, 2009.

Matteo Caffini – Physics, 2009

Physics, “ Functional Infrared Spectroscopy on Human Brain.” Politecnico Advisor: Rinaldo Cubeddu. MIT Host: Elfar Adalsteinsson, 2009.

Natalia Ciceri Duque – Industrial Engineering, 2009

Industrial Engineering, “Sustainable Manufacturing and Product Lifecycle Management.” Polimi: Marco Garetti. MIT Host: Timothy Gutowski, 2009.

Venere Ferraro – Department of Design, 2009

Department of Design, “ Wearable Design for Smart Electronic Textiles,” Polimi: Francesco Trabucco. MIT Host : Hugh Herr, 2009.

Musstanser Tinauli – Department of Design, 2009

Department of Design, “Evaluating the Department of Design,“ Evaluation Trash Track Tag project in NYC,” Polimi: Alberto Colorni. MIT Host: Carlo Ratti, 2009.

Maddalena Binda – EECS, 2009

EECS, “Nanostructured photovoltaic Structures,” Polimi: Marco Sampietro. MIT Host: Vladimir Bulovic, 2009.

Fabrizio Guerrieri – EECS, 2009-10

EECS, “Quantum Imaging using a multi-pixel single-photon counting array,” Polimi: Franco Zappa. MIT Host: Jeffrey Shapiro, 2009-10.

Marta Tunesi – Materials Science, 2009

Materials Science, “Neurophysiological mechanisms of motor skills acquisition,” Polimi: Pietro Luigi Cavallotti. MIT Host: Emilio Bizzi, 2009.

Francesco Piraino – Bioengineering, 2010-11

Bioengineering, ““High-Throughput Analysis Of Cell Response To Chemical Libraries, “Polimi: Alberto Redaelli, MIT Host: Ali Khademhosseini, 2010-11.

Martina Maggio – Computer Science and Automation, 2010

Computer Science and Automation, “Feedback Control of Computing Systems,” Polimi: Alberto Leva, MIT Host: Anant Agarwal, 2010.

Marta Peroni – Biomedical Engineering, 2010

Biomedical Engineering, “Adaptive radiation and proton Therapy: Closing the Loop, Polimi: Guido Baroni, MIT Host: Polina Golland, 2010.

Maria Ida Iacono – Bioengineering, 2010

Bioengineering, Computer Science and Automation, “3D anatomical deformation model of the basal ganglia for deep brain stimulation in Parkinson disease.” Polimi: Gabriella Signorini; MIT Host: Elfar Adalsteinsson, 2010.

Giovanna Bucci – Structural Engineering, 2010

Structural Engineering, “Modeling the evolution of thermal cracks in brittle materials.” Polimi: Anna Pandolfi; MIT Host: Raul Radovitzky, 2010.

Matteo Gazzani – Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2011

Civil and Environmental Engineering, “Extraction of power from fossils with carbon capture,“ Polimi: Ennio Macchi & Emanuela Colombo MIT Host: Ahmed Ghoniem, 2011.

Gael Guedon – Nuclear Engineering, 2011

Nuclear Engineering, ”Numerical investigation of heat and mass ” Polimi: Fabio Inzoli; MIT Host: Jacopo Buongiorno, 2011.

Antonio Iacchetti – 2011

“Hybrid devices for Solar Light Harvesting,” Polimi: Marco Sampietro; MIT Host: Vladimir Bulovic, 2011.

Michele Tartara – EECS-CSAIL, 2011

EECS-CSAIL, “A new programming representation suitable for heterogeneous architectures,” Polimi: Stefano Crespi Reghizzi; MIT Host: Saman Amarasinghe, 2011.

Guido Salvaneschi – EECS, 2011

EECS “Context Adaptive Programming,” Polimi Advisor: Carlo Ghezzi; MIT Host: Barbara Liskov, 2011.

Maria Giulia Preti – Bioengineering, 2011

Bioengineering, ”Exploring the relationship between anatomical and functional brain structure,” Polimi: Giuseppe Baselli; MIT Host: Elfar Adalsteinsson, 2011.

Flavia Libonati – Mechanical Engineering, 2011-2

Mechanical Engineering, “Multiscale approach for damage analysis of composites,” Polimi: Laura Vergani; MIT Host: Markus Buehler, 2011-2.

Giovanni Alli – EECS, 2011

EECS, “Electric Vehicle Integration with a Multi-Organizational Sharing Model of Keyless Mobility,” Polimi: Sergio Savaresi; MIT Host: Carlo Ratti, 2011.

Andrea Ratti – Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing, 2011

Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing, Polimi: Tullio Tolio; MIT Host: Stanley Gershwin, 2011.

Andrea Fanelli – Bioengineering, 2011-2

Bioengineering, ‘Fetal wellbeing ” Polimi: Maria Gabriella Signorini; MIT Host: George Verghese, 2011-2.

Filippo Sironi – EECS, 2012-3

EECS, “Operating System Support for Many-Cores Architectures: from Time-Sharing to Spatial-Sharing Task Scheduling.” Polimi: Marco Santambrogio. MIT Hosts: Anant Agarwal & Frans Kaashoek. 2012-3.

Francesco Onorati – Bioengineering, 2012

Bioengineering, “Study of affective engagement through cardiorespiratory and eye-tracking signals.” Polimi: Luca Mainardi. MIT Host: Emery Brown, 2012.

Mario Sangiorgio – EECS, 2012

EECS, “Analysis and synthesis of complex object interactions.” Polimi: Carlo Ghezzi; MIT Host: Armando Solar-Lezama, 2012.

Monica Vitali – EECS, 2012

EECS, “Resource Allocation in Virtual Machines for Energy Efficient Data Centers and Clouds.” Polimi: Barbara Pernici. MIT Host: Una-May O’Reilly, 2012.

Andrea Gilioli – Mechanical Engineering, 2012

Mechanical Engineering. “Material constitutive laws that can describe ductile fracture in metals.” Polimi: Marco Giglio. MIT Host: Tomasz Wierzbicki, 2012.

Simone Bersini – Bioengineering, 2013

Bioengineering, “Cancer metastasis using advanced microfluidic systems.” Polimi: Gabriele Dubini. MIT Host: Roger D. Kamm, 2013.

Stefano Grillanda – Materials Science and Microphotonics, 2013

Materials Science and Microphotonics, “ Materials and Devices for adaptive integrated Optics.” Polimi: Andrea Melloni. MIT Host: Lionel Kimerling, 2013.

Marco Astolfi – Energy and Nuclear Science, 2013

Energy and Nuclear Science, “Advanced ORC Systems Optimization.” Polimi: Ennio Macchi. MIT Host: Ahmed Ghoniem, 2013.

Atieh Moridi – Mechanical Engineering, 2013

Mechanical Engineering, “Cold Spray Coating Applications for Aeronautical Repairs,” Polimi: Mario Guagliano. MIT Host: Ming Dao, 2013.

Daniele Perego – Materials Science, 2013-4

Materials Science, “All-solid-state thin-film batteries.” Polimi: Silvia Franz. MIT Host Carl V. Thompson, 2013-4.

Danilo Caporale – Electronics and Aero-Astro, 2013

Electronics and Aero-Astro, “Control and Optimization of Systems with an Unknown Matched Disturbance and Distributed Control Applications,” Polimi: Patrizio Colaneri. MIT Host: Emilio Frazzoli, 2013.

Davide Bianchi – Electronics, 2013

Electronics, “The integration of electronic circuits into photonic integrated circuits,” Polimi: Marco Sampietro. MIT Host: Lionel Kimerling, 2013.

Ehsan Mohammadi – Chemistry and Materials Science, 2013

Chemistry and Materials Science, “A fundamental understanding of the relationship between environment, microstructure and stress on precursors to crack initiation,” Polimi: Fabio Bolzoni & Luciano Lazzari. MIT Host: R. G. Ballinger 2013.

Davide Maria Turi – Mechanical Engineering, 2014

Mechanical Engineering, “Innovative applications of selective membranes in Energy plants solid state thin batteries,” Polimi: Ennio Macchi. MIT Host: Ahmed Ghoniem, 2014.

Davide Bartolini – EECS, 2013-4

EECS,,”Shared Microarchitectural Resource Management to Maximize Datacenter Efficiency.” Polimi: Marco Santambrogio. MIT Host: Daniel Sanchez, 2013-4.

Giovanni Azzellino – Electronics and Materials Science, 2014

Electronics and Materials Science, “Inkjet patterning of QD LEDs” Polimi: Marco Sampietro MIT Host: Vladimir Bulovic, 2014.

Giorgia Gobbi – Mechanical Engineering, 2014

Mechanical Engineering, “Hydrogen embrittlement (HE) phenomenon,” Polimi: Laura Vergani, MIT Host:Ju Li, 2014.

Giovanni Stefano Ugolini – Electronics and Bioengineering, 2014

Electronics and Bioengineering, “Biomed Novel Lab on a Chip for recapitulating the cardiac stem cell niche micro-environment,” Polimi: Monica Soncini. MIT Host: Roger Kamm, 2014.

Riccardo Pisoni – Physics Engineering Master Program Alta Scuola Politecnica, 2015-6

Physics Engineering Master Program Alta Scuola Politecnica, Polimi M. Pedeferri, MIT Host: Pablo Jarillo-Herrero. 2015-6.

Lorenzo Baldrati – Materials Science and Engineering, 2015

Materials Science and Engineering, “Spintronic Devices Controlled by Magnetic Ionic Effects.” Polimi: Riccardo Beltracco. MIT Host: Geoffrey Beach, 2015.

Niccolo Calandri – Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 2015

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, “A new superconductor detector deposed on an optical waveguide.” Polimi: Alberto Tosi. MIT Host: Karl Berggren. 2015.

Luca D’Alessandro – Structural mechanics and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 2015

Structural mechanics and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, “A Topological Optimization of Phononic Crystals.” Polimi: Raffaele Ardito. MIT Host: Dana Weinstein, 2015.

Bianca Giovanardi – Mechanical Engineering and Math, 2015

Mechanical Engineering and Math, “Modeling and Simulation of Crack Propagation in Brittle Materials.” Polimi: Anna Scotti & Luca Formaggia MIT Host: Raul Radovitzky, 2015.

Simone Mazzola – Energy and Environment- CEEPR, 2015

Energy and Environment- CEEPR, “The Management and Optimization of Micro-grids for Rural Energy Access.” Polimi: Ennio Macchi; MIT host: Ignacio Perez Arriaga, 2015.

Alberto Speroni – Environmental and Civil Engineering, 2015

Environmental and Civil Engineering, “Developing a Smart Shading System.” Polimi: Tiziana Poli. MIT Host: Carlo Ratti, 2015.

Mirko Gelsomini – Electronics, Informatics and Engineering, 2016

Electronics, Informatics and Engineering, “Reiterated robots -children interactions.” Polimi: Franca Garzotto. MIT Host: Cynthia Breazeal, 2016.

Umberto Capasso Palmiero – Chemistry and Engineering, 2016

Chemistry and Engineering, Integrative Cancer Research Lab, David H. Kocs Institute, “Smart Delivery of SiRNA into Cells.” Polimi: Davide Moscatelli. MIT Host: Daniel G. Anderson, 2016

Javier Martinez Rubio - Nuclear Science and Engineering, 2016-17

Nuclear Science and Engineering “Second generation Turbulence for industrial application.” Polimi: Angelo Onorati; MIT Host: Emilio Baglietto, 2016-17

Roberta Visone - DEIB-Mechanical Engineering, 2017

DEIB-Mechanical Engineering,” A microscale biomimetic platform for 3D vascularized cardiac in vitro model generation.” Polimi: Marco Rasponi. MIT Host: Roger Kamm, 2017

Nicola Contessi - Chemistry, Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2017

Chemistry- Civil and Environmental Engineering, “Scaffold vascularization by 3D printed sacrificial network in adipose tissue regeneration.” Polimi: Silvia Fare’; MIT Host: Benedetto Marelli, 2017

Luca Moretti - Energy Department, 2017

Energy Department, Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research (CEEPR), “Realtime Robust Energy Management System for Multigood Smart Grids.” Polimi: Ennio Macchi. MIT Host: Ignacio Perez Arriaga, 2017

Emanuele Del Sozzo - DEIB-Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 2017

DEIB-Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, “A unified environment for distributed and hardware accelerated Iterative Stencil Loop computations.” Polimi: Marco Domenico Santambrogio, MIT Host: Saman Amarasinghe. 2017

Giancarlo Gentile - 2017

Giancarlo Gentile, Center for Propulsion Research /Reacting Gas Dynamics Lab “CFD simulation to model the thermochemical conversion of biomass.” Polimi: Tiziano Favarelli; MIT Host: Ahmed Ghoniem, 2017

Azzurra Agostini - Chemistry and Engineering, 2017-8

Chemistry and Engineering-David Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer research, “Synthesis of Enteric Delivery System.” Polimi: Davide Moscatelli MIT Host: Robert Langer, 2017-8

Luca Possenti - Industrial Bioengineering-Mechanical Engineering, 2018

Industrial Bioengineering-Mechanical Engineering, “Computational and Experimental Approaches to Renal Disease and Microcirculatory in Vitro Models to Study Microcirculation Alterations in Uremic Patients.“ Polimi: Maria Laura Costantino& Paolo Zunino; MIT Host: Roger Kamm, 2018

Francesca Berti - Biomechanics, 2018

Biomechanics, “Durability prediction of self‐expandable Nickel-Titanium peripheral stents”, Polimi: Francesco Migliavacca; MIT Host: Elazer Edelman, 2018

Emanuele Guglielmi - Electronics, 2019

Electronics, “Electronic circuits for enhancing the performance of photonic sensing devices”, Polimi: Guido Raos; MIT Host: Lionel Kimberling, 2019

Fabio Caltanissetta - Mechanical Engineering, 2019

Mechanical Engineering, “IAM4.0: Novel solutions for Intelligent Additive Manufacturing.” Polimi: Biancamaria Colosimo; MIT Host: John Anastasios Hart, 2019

Ilaria Abdel Aziz - Physics, 2019

Physics, “Optical Modules of Stem Cells Fate.” Polimi: Guglielmo Lanzani; MIT Host: Peter T.C. So, 2019

Emre Calisir Electronics - Bioengineering and Computer Science, 2019

Bioengineering and Computer Science, “Computational Science Methods to Characterize Political Phenomena on Social Networks.” Polimi: Marco Brambilla; MIT Host: Deb K.Roy. 2019

Lorenzo Di Tucci - Electronics and Computer Science, 2019

Electronics and Computer Science, “A DSA for operations on sparse matrices targeting FPGAs.” Polimi: Marco Santambrogio; MIT Host: Saman Amarasinghe, 2019

Martina Mazzarello - Department of Design, 2019

Department of Design, “ “Living the Campus. Spaces and Services fostering interactions in the Community,” Polimi: Luisa Collina & Davide Fassi; MIT Host: Carlo Ratti, 2019

Alessio David - Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering, 2019

Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering, “The mechanical and viscoelastic properties of polymers by Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulation.” Polimi: Guido Raos MIT Host: Markus Buehler, 2019

Francesca Donnaloja - Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering, 2019

Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering ” The contribution of stem cells, nuclear pore complexes (NPC) as stretch-activated channels to the regulation of gene expression,” Polimi: Manuela Raimondi MIT Host: Thomas Schwartz, 2019

Gabriele Scalia - Chemical & Industrial Engineering and Electronics, Computer Science & Bioengineering, 2019

Chemical & Industrial Engineering and Electronics, Computer Science & Bioengineering, “The development of automatic tools for data acquisition, integration, exploration and kinetic model validation,” Polimi: Barbara Pernici; MIT Host: William Green, 2019

Alessandra Accogli - Materials Science, 2019

Materials Science, “the synthesis and characterization of bifunctional carbon-based electrodes for metal-air rechargeable flow battery,” Polimi: Luca Magagnin; MIT: Yang Shao-Horn, Fall 2019- Spring 2020

Renato Auriemma - Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, 2019

Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. “Using layer-by-layer (Lbl) nanoplexes to deliver plasmids encoding the shRNA for BCL11a .” Polimi: Davide Moscatelli MIT: Paula Hammond, 2019

Igor Matteo Carraretto - Energy and Nuclear Science Technology, 2019

Energy and Nuclear Science Technology, “Measuring the Rheology of Foams using Custom 3D-Printed Fractal Vanes,” Polimi: Luigi Colombo MIT: Gareth mc Kinley, Fall 2019 – Spring 2020

Monika Colombo - Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering, 2019

Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering, “Computational models to investigate the effects of paclitaxel when drug-coated balloons are used in peripheral arteries,” Polimi: Francesco Migliavacca MIT: Elazer Edelman, Fall 2019 – Spring 2020

Simone Gelmini - Automation and Control, 2019

Automation and Control,” Analysis and development of a dynamic model and an adaptive control for low-cost micro-irrigation systems,” Polimi: Sergio Savaresi MIT Amos Winter, 2019

Giulia Grassi - Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering, 2019

Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering, “ The integration of rapid liquid printing and 4D printing and their large scale potential,” Polimi: Ingrid Paoletti& Marco Scaioni MIT: Skylar Tibbits, 2019

Francesca Ratti - Information Technology, 2019

Information Technology, “Improving communication on biological circuits,” Polimi: Maurizio Magarini MIT: Domitilla del Vecchio, 2019 – 2020

Martina Crippa - Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering, 2020

Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering, “Modelling the relationship between immune cells, bone metastatic cells and bone microenvironment in order to achieve a clinical predictive assay for bone metastasis immunotherapy treatment, “ Polimi: Gabriele Dubini MIT: Roger Kamm, Spring 2020

Federico Florit - Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering, 2020

Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering, “Experimental and modeling studies on transitions from discontinuous to continuous chemical processes“ Polimi: Renato Rota MIT: Klavs Jensen, Spring 2020

Alessandro Lodesani - Physics, 2020

Physics, ‘Effective spintronic devices and the interaction between organic molecules and ferromagnetic metals,” Polimi: Alberto Brambilla MIT: Jagadeesh Moodera, Spring 2020

Francesco Zanetto - Department of Electronics and Biological Engineering, 2020

Department of Electronics and Biological Engineering, “ Developing the electronic platform for an array of gas sensors by designing and optimizing an ASIC for best performance,“ Polimi: Marco Sampietro MIT: Lionel Kimerling, Spring 2020

Giulia Pozzi - Mathematical Models and Methods, MOX department of Mathematics, 2020

Mathematical Models and Methods, MOX department of Mathematics, “Mathematical approaches that drive innovation for adaptive shaping of soft and active materials,” Polimi: Pasquale Ciarletta—MIT:Raul Radovitzky, Fall 2020

Fabio Catania - Information Technology Program, Department of Electronics and Information, 2020

Information Technology Program, Department of Electronics and Information, “Aalgorithms, methods, and technologies to identify the communicative intent of vocal expressions generated by children with mv-ASD,” Polimi:Franca Garzotto—MIT:Rosalind Picard, Fall 2020

Giulia Pozzi – Mathematical Models and Methods, MOX department of Mathematics, 2022

“Mathematical approaches that drive innovation for adaptive shaping of soft and active materials,” Polimi: Pasquale Ciarletta—MIT: Raul Radovitzky, Spring22

Lorenzo Benedetti - Mechanical Engineering, 2022

”Good Vibrations—a project to use mobile smartphone data streams for infra structural health monitoring and maintenance.” Polimi: Marco Belloli—MIT: Carlo Ratti Spring & Fall 22

Matteo Bugatti - Mechanical Engineering, 2022

“Additive manufacturing towardsi14.0: Digital Twin and Big Data Mining for Green Am.”, Polimi: BiancaMaria Colosimo- MIT: Anastasios John Hart Spring22

Erika Ferrari - Electronics, Information and Bioengineering, 2022

“The development of a new Lab-on-Chip to generate vascularized and functional hepatic microtissues.” Polimi: Marco Rasponi-MIT: Linda Griffith Spring22

Fabio Marangi - Physics, 2022

”Ultra-fast hot electron transfer at heavily doped semiconductor/ semiconductor interfaces for Near-Infrared Photovoltaic Devices.” Polimi: Francesco Scotognella-MIT: William Tisdale Spring22,

Davide Loiacono - Nuclear Science and Engineering, 2022

“Characterization of CNST@Polimi radiation-resistant coatings through joint expertise in ultrasonic techniques of Nanolab@Polimi and The ShortLab@Mit,” Polimi: Marco Beghi; MIT: Michael Short Spring 22

Noemi Garau - Biology Information and technology, 2022

“Artificial Intelligence to improve lung cancer screening,” Polimi: Guido Baroni; MIT:Regina Barzilay, EECS and CSAIL, Spring 22

Maroncelli Edoardo - Biology and EECS, 2022

“Veno-Venous ECMO and right vein support, investigation of the interactions of novel percutaneous single-site access catheters with the cardiopulmonary system,” Polimi: Gianfranco Fiore; MIT: Elazer Edelman, Institute for Medical Engineering and Science- Directo Spring 22.

Christian Hofmann - Aero Astro, 2022

“Autonomous Guidance of Power Limited Low-Thrust Spacecraft in Deep Space,” Polimi: Francesco Topputo; MIT: Richard Linares, Spring 22

D’Andrea Luca - Materials Science and Engineering, 2022

“Optimal design of Microstructures for bone engineering scaffold,” Polimi: Pasquale Vena; MIT Ming Dao:Materials Science, Spring 22

Francesca Madonini - Physics, 2022

Developing High Performance Single Photon Avalanche Diodes,” Polimi: Franco Zappa; MIT: Paola Cappellaro, RLE Quantum Research Group, Spring 22

Pido’ Sara - Electronics, Information and Bioengineering, 2022

“Designing and developing tools that, through conversational agents and natural language, enable domain experts to generate and execute a Data Science pipeline without any programming skills.” Polimi: Stefano Ceri; MIT Kalya Veeramachaneni, Spring &Fall 22.

Alessandra Angelucci - Electronics, Information and Bioengineering, 2022

“Using Wearable Technology to Encourage Physical Activity and Improve Clinical Outcomes in Dysvascular Amputees.” Polimi: Andrea Aliverti, MIT: Hugh Herr. Spring 22

Arianna Bresci - Physics, 2023

“Non Invasive Morphological and Biochemical Imaging to Profile Label-free Stem cells for regenerative Medicine.” Polimi: Dario Polli MIT: Peter T.C. So. Fall 22-Spring 2023

Alberto Colombo - Electronics, Information and Bioengineering, 2023

“Quantum Computing Applications for 6G Wireless Networks.” Polimi :Umberto Spagnolini MIT: Moe Win WINS lab at Laboratory for Information and Decisions Systems ( LIDS).Fall 22-Spring 2023

Matteo Furlan - Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2022

“Acoustic Surfaces for Virtual Spaces and Enhanced Environments.” Polimi: Attilio Alberto Frangi MIT: Vladimir Bulovic. Fall 22

Marc Parziale - Mechanical Engineering, 2022

”The diagnostics and prognostics of engineering systems with a focus on the structural field and use of deep learning algorithms.” Polimi: Marco Giglio MIT:Kamal Youcef-Toumi. Fall 22

Edoardo Ramalli - Polimi DEIB-six month fellowship Spring 2023

Polimi Advisor: Barbara Pernici; MIT Host: Sili Deng at the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Ramalli will work on “Data-driven modeling of chemical kinetics, and developing better ways to estimate the uncertainty in the predictions of computer models.”

Stefano Passoni - Polimi department of Energy, six month fellowship Spring 2023

Polimi Advisor; Riccardo Mereu; MIT Host: Matteo Bucci Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering. Passoni will work on “A platform for the analysis of two-phase flows based on computer-vision algorithms to pursue

Bernardo Camajori Tedeschini – Polimi Management and Engineering, 2023

–12 month Ph.D. fellowship Fall a new approach that aims at better exploiting the potential of digital imaging. Summer 2023-Spring 2024. Polimi Advisor; Monica Nicoli; MIT Host: Moe Win at his Information and Network Sciences Laboratory (WINS Lab). Camajori Tedeschini will research “ Decentralized Machine Learning methods for Localization in 6G Wireless Networks.”

Rachele Didero - Polimi department of Design, 2023

12 month Ph.D. fellowship, Spring & Fall 2023. Polimi Advisor: Giovanni Maria Conti; MIT Host: Hiroshi Ishii, Media Lab at his Tangible Media group. Didero will research “How to combine knitwear, human-centered computing, GANS and yarn structures for privacy protection.”

Alberto Zeni - Polimi DEIB, six month Ph.D. fellowship, Spring 2023

Polimi advisor: Marco Domenico Santambrogio; MIT Host: Srini Devadas, EECS. Zeni will work on “High-performance sequence analysis: A multi-reference genome assembler.”

Diego Morra - Polimi DEIB, 12 month Ph.D Fellowship , Spring & Fall 2023

Polimi Advisor: Maristella Matera DEIB- MIT Host: Carlo Ratti at his Senseable City Lab. Morra will do research on “ From Big Data to Accessible Cities.”

Roberto Rocca Post-Doc Fellows at MIT

Andrea Centrone

“Probing Nanowetting.” MIT: Francesco Stellacci Polimi: Giuseppe Zerbi; 2006.

Marita Canina

“Bio-Design for Earth and Space: Synergism Between Humans and Machines.” MIT: Dava Newman Polimi: Francesco Trabucco; 2006.

Marco Rasponi

“Realization of a bio MEMS device able to perform blood oxygenation directly from the water content of the blood.” MIT: Todd Thorsen; Polimi: Alberto Redaelli; 2007.

Marco Riboldi

“Real Time Tumor Targeting in High Precision Radiation Therapy.” MIT: Jeffrey Coderre; Polimi: Guido Baroni; 2008.

Eugenio Morello

“Raster City: Urban Data collection for Environmental Prediction.” MIT: Carlo Ratti; Polimi: Alessandro Balducci; 2008.

Marco Santambrogio

“Self Aware Computing Systems.” MIT: Anant Agarwal; Polimi Donatella Sciuto; 2009.

Giovanni Cirmi

“Single-cycle pulse synthesis by coherent superposition of ultra-broadband optical parametric amplifiers Self Aware Computing Systems.” MIT: Franz Kaertner, Polimi: Giulio Cerullo; 2009-2010.

Alfonso Gautieri

“Theoretical and experimental multi-scale studies of collagen tissues in the context of Osteogenesis Imperfecta disease.” MIT: Markus Buehler, Polimi: Alberto Redaelli; 2009-2010.

Nasser Sadr

“Bone Tissue Engineering as an Alternative to bone graft.” MIT: Ali Khademhosseini; Polimi: Gianfranco Fiore; 2010.

Riccardo Mereu

“Qualified Numerical Modelling of Boiling and two-phase Transport Phenomena in Energy Applications.” MIT: Jacopo Buongiorno; Polimi: Emanuela Colombo; 2010.

Reza Kavian

“Carbon nanotubes/metal oxides composites electrodes for super-capacitors: Synthesis and characterization oxides enforcing the link between requirements and software behavior through model synthesis.” MIT: Yang Shao-Horn ;Polimi: Luigi Cavallotti 2011.

Andrea Mocci

“Enforcing the link between requirements and software behavior through model synthesis.” MIT: Daniel Jackson; Polimi: Carlo Ghezzi 2011-12.

R. Gelichi

“Continuum and Atomistic Computational Study of En Passant Cracks in Brittle Materials.” MIT :Ken Kamrin; Polimi: Mario Guagliano; 2013.

Francesco Piraino

“New Technology for Testing genomic materials.” MIT: Matthew Hancock, Broad Institute, 2013.

Daniele Dubois

“Self organization strategies for cooperative resources sharing in Mobile Peer-to –Peer Networks.” MIT: Henry Holtzman, Media Lab, 2013.

Sara Bagherifard

“Application of cold spray coating for development of bio-functional surfaces with improved mechanical and biological properties.” MIT: Ali Khademhosseini, HST, 2013-2014.

Seyyed Mostafa Hassani Gangaraj

“From nanostructured powders to bulk nano-crystalline pieces: An attempt to exploit kinetic rather than thermal energy.” Polimi: Mario Guagliano MIT: Christopher Schuh.

Valerio Panzica-La Manna

“Sharing Proximity-Based Computation and Services in Infrastructureless Pervasive Spaces.” Polimi: Luciano Baresi: MIT: Michael Bove.

Mazdak Hashempour Igderi

“Optimization and Implementation of CNTF carpets in capacitive deionization devices.” MIT: Carl V. Thompson and Evelyn Wang, Polimi: Mario Guagliano,Massimiliano Bestetti and Maurizio Masi. 2015-16.

Matteo Seregni

“An Open-source platform for 4D human body surface reconstruction and representation.” MIT: Jeffrey A. Hoffman; Polimi: Guido Baroni, 2016-17.

Valentina Sumini

“Moon exploration habitats using 3-D printed in situ resources.” MIT: Caitlin Mueller; Polimi: Claudio Chiesi. 2016-2017.

Federica Rigoldi

“An integrated computational/experimental route to understanding the binding specificity of scaffolding protein.” MIT: Amy Keating; Polimi: Alfonso Gautieri, 2019.

Federico Antonello

Nuclear and Energy Science and Technology , “Advanced Safety Assessment of Nuclear Batteries for a novel Paradigm of Low -Carbon Energy,” MIT: Jacopo Buongiorno Polimi: Enrico Zio Sept 21-Aug.22

Fabio Catania

Electronics, Information and Bioengineering, ” Communication for All—Supporting Communication for Minimally Verbal Children with ASD,” Polimi: Franca Garzotto MIT: Satrajit Ghosh—McGovern Institute for Brain Research. Spring 2022- Winter23

Luca Nessi

Physics, “2D Van der Waals Materials for beyond-CMOS computing.” Polimi: Christian Rinaldi MIT: Riccardo Comin, 2023

Roberto Rocca Fellows at POLIMI

Kevin Duda – PhD Candidate, 2006

PhD Candidate, Man-Vehicle Laboratory, hosted by Polimi Antonio Pedotti within his collaboration with MIT Larry Young. 2006.

James Vanzo – BS in Civil Engineering, 2006

BS in Civil Engineering, hosted by Polimi Gianluigi Cedolin to work on finite structure modeling.2006.

Yu Gu – PhD candidate, 2008

PhD candidate, MIT advisor: James Fujimoto. Politecnico Host: Roberto Cerullo. Research Topic “Femtosecond fabrication of Mach-Zehnder interferometers in fused silica.” 2008.

Aleem Siddiqui – EECS PhD candidate, 2008-9

EECS PhD candidate, MIT advisor: Franz Kaertner. Politecnico Host: Roberto Cerullo. Research Topic “Optical Cycle pulsed light source with stabilized carrier envelope phase at 800mm.” 2008-09.

Kevin Farino – BS in Mechanical Engineering, 2010

BS in Mechanical Engineering, hosted by Polimi Alberto Redaelli for research on fluidics applications to biology, 2010.

Charles Gruenwald – PhD Candidate, EECS, 2011

PhD Candidate, EECS, 2011.

Brandon Talamini – PhD candidate in Aero Astro, 2011

PhD candidate in Aero Astro, MIT Advisor: Raul Radovitzky Polimi host: Anna Pandolfi for research on numerical modeling of ductile fractures, 2011.

Christopher Love – PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering, 2011

PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering, 2011.

Malima Wolf – Post-doc, Mech-Eng, 2012-13

Post-doc, Mech-Eng, MIT advisor: Tim Gutowski Polimi Host: Tullio Tolio “Environmental impact of product and material end-of-life treatment.” 2012-13.

James McKinney – BS Materials Science, 2013

BS Materials Science, MIT Advisor Thomas Eagar; Polimi Host: Maurizio Vedani “New energy efficient metal processing techniques” 2013.

Cathy Zhang – BS Chemical, 2014

BS Chemical, ”Engineering Behavior of colloidal suspensions and gels under gravitational stresses Environmental impact of product and material end-of-life treatment.” Polimi Host: Roberto Piazza MIT advisor: Michael Strano, 2014.

Cody Diaz – BS Chemistry, 2016

BS Chemistry, “Synthetizing nanoparticles gfor oil drilling applications,” Polimi Host: Davide Moscatelli, 2016.

Thomas Canova – Grad. Chem., 2016

Grad. Chem., “Colloidal gels, “Polimi Host: Roberto Piazza, 2016.

Victoria Tam – BS Mech Eng., 2017

BS Mech Eng.; “Polipo: a toys for children with neurodevelopmental disorders; Polimi Host: Franca Garzotto, 2017.

Rachel Adenekan – BS mech Eng,, 2017

BS mech Eng, “Mouvement analysis for Motor Rehabilitation”, Polimi Host: Carlo Frigo, 2017.

Jacqueline Liu – U Computer and Materials science, 2017

U Computer and Materials science, dendrimers, molecular structures that could prove useful in drug delivery and gene therapy.Polimi host: Simone Vesentini, 2017.

Renaud Danhaive – Ph.D candidate, Architecture and planning, 2017-8

Ph.D candidate, Architecture and planning, “Computational geometry and structural engineering and its applications to mechanical design and analysis. Polimi Host: Ingrid Paoletti MIT: Caitlin Mueller, 2017-8.

Patrick Callahan – U Chemistry, 2018

U Chemistry, “Lithium-Ion Batteries,”Polimi Host; Tullio Tolio and Maurizio Colledani, 2018.

Anna Tarakanova – GS, Buehler-Libonati Collaboration, 2018

GS, Buehler-Libonati Collaboration, 2018.

Priya Pillai – U Computer Science and Biology, 2018

U Computer Science and Biology, “Diatom Frustule Structure”, Polimi Host: Flavia Libonati, 2018.

Kriti Jain – U EECS, 2018

U EECS, Sensory processing in autism spectrum disorder” Polimi Host: Riccardo Barbieri, 2018.

Shreya Pandit – U EECS

U EECS, Polimi Host: Mirko Gelsomini.

Leanna Galanek – U. Nuclear Science and Engineering

U. Nuclear Science and Engineering, Polimi Host: Stefano Agosteo.

Amelia Seabold – U. Biology

U. Biology, Polimi Host: Riccardo Barbieri.

Adriana Macieira Mitchell - Aero Astro, GS, 2022

“Autonomous Optical Navigation for Deep-Space Cube Satellites,” MIT: Richard Linares Polimi: Francesco Topputo, Winter-Spring 22

Broski, Annalisa Computation and Cognition, class of 2022

“Apps for testing children language disorders” MIT: Satrajit Ghosh Polimi: Franca Garzotto, Summer 22